Eden Village | Frequently Asked Questions

How are residents selected?

The Candidate Selection is conducted by the program partners:

  • Eden Village Director

  • Eden Village management company


Selection criteria include:

  • History of Homelessness in City of Springfield for at least one year

  • Severe and persistent physical &/or mental illness: Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Major Depressive Disorder, PTSD, or other Axis I diagnoses


High cost to the public due to use of:

  • City/County Jail

  • Homeless shelters

  • Emergency Room

  • Ambulance/9-1-1 calls

Who is a resident of the Homes?

A resident of an Eden Village park model home is an adult from Greene County who has an Axis I mental health diagnosis or physical disability, has a history of homelessness and as a result of these previous issues, are high utilizers of Green County resources such as 9-1-1 calls, ambulance services, emergency room services, police engagement, county shelter services, incarceration for violations like trespassing, vagrancy, public intoxication, panhandling, etc. Combining all of these issues results in being disqualified from the majority of all other housing options. The individuals selected to live in Eden Village truly are the most vulnerable to dying on the streets and most expensive consumers of public services in Springfield.

What services are available for residents?

We have on-site support services including psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse, psychiatric case managers and Qualified Mental Health Providers. We have on-site health services. We have social work case managers, a registered nurse, a community coordinator who will ensure that there are social activities, personal enrichment activities and skills training activities. In addition, there is a community room designated for Sober Living activities, a Library/Computer Lab, Laundry Room, a food bank, and a Club House for community socializing and events.

Do the residents live at the Village for free?

No – each resident pays a portion of their monthly earnings, the sources of which include Disability, SSI, Pension, Veteran Benefits, Family Trust/Support, income from work, etc.

Can couples or families live in the Village?

No – each park model home is designed to be single adult occupancy. Regulations for use of each dwelling includes rules concerning occupancy, limitation of overnight guest and other standards.

How long can a person live at the Village?

Simply put – forever. Most residents who live in the Village are individuals who due to their mental health, physical health, and other extenuating circumstances, are incapable of “graduating” from a program and gaining full time stable independence. Residents may live at the Village as long as they are a good neighbor to the rest of the Village community.

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