The Tree | Frequently Asked Questions

How can I volunteer?

The main purpose of The Tree is to build relationships with homeless individuals in our community. Volunteers are needed to just talk and listen to our guests and get to know their story.  Help is needed to pass out snacks and prepare drinks and of course help with the clean up at the end of each day.  We also would welcome anyone that wanted to entertain our guest such as musical entertainment, magic show, puppet show, etc.

Can we bring a meal to serve?

We do not serve a regular meal but we do serve prepackaged snacks, coffee, iced tea or other drinks.  Any of these items would be welcome.

Can we bring clothing and other personal care articles?

Items can be brought in for distribution but must be taken back at the end of the day.  We do not have room for storage.

Is it safe for volunteers?

It is one of the safest places you will find in Springfield.  We have individuals responsible for security, some of whom have been homeless themselves.  We have guests check any weapons and liquid containers they may have at the door when they enter.  No unruly behavior is tolerated.  We have security cameras throughout the building inside and outside.

Can we bring children?

It is a safe place for children also as long as they are supervised.  They will have an opportunity to play card or board games, bingo, or color in coloring books along with our guests.  It is a great way to show kids that homeless persons are human beings and not to be feared or shunned.

Are The Gathering Tree and The Gathering Friends for the Homeless the same program?

No.  We both serve the homeless but in different and complimentary ways.  We are separate 501(c)(3) non-profit corporations.

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